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How to successfully use Email Marketing
for your business.


"Email marketing has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches at scale."

David Newman

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Email Marketing is a powerful way to maximize your online marketing efforts.

It can help you to strengthen your brand awareness, to drive traffic & sales, and to build long-term customer relationships.

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How to use Email Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness - Drive Traffic & Sales - Build Customer Loyalty

Increase Brand Awareness

and make your brand more visible

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Email Marketing
for brand awareness

Spread your message and leverage the direct connection to your potential customers per email.

Here is how

  • Use storytelling to combining facts with a narrative to deliver your message.
  • Address the needs of your potential customers to connect.
  • Reach thousands of potential customers and increase the awareness for your brand.
  • Examples: introduce your brand & vision, explain your products, promote events.
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Introduce your brand

Show latest products/services and transfer your brand identity & vision. Win the full attention of your audience and win trust.


Drive traffic & conversions

and boost company growth

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Email Marketing to drive traffic

Boosting traffic and sales is the most common use case for email marketing.

Here is why

  • Targeting segmented target groups with personalized offers will boost conversions.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies you can send your newsletters at the right time to the right audience with outstanding results.
  • You can scale your email marketing campaigns with little effort and maximize your ROI.
  • Examples: deals, limited offers, welcome offers.
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Drive traffic & sales

Send personalized email campaigns to your ideal target audience and boost conversions.


Build customer loyalty

and build long-term relationships with your customers

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Email Marketing
for customer retention

Take new generated leads and customers down the funnel and maximizing your profits. Increase customer retention to augment the lifetime value of your customers.

Here is how

  • Continue to build relationships with all new customers (customer retention/loyalty).
  • Up-/Down-/Crosselling to generate more sales.
  • Examples: Regular Newsletter, Loyalty Rewards, Business & Product Updates, Reminder, Birthday Emails.
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Improve the Customer Lifetime Value

Build up on your customer relationship and stay in touch. Drive your CLV with Up-/Down-/Crosselling campaigns.


Not convinced yet?

Then check out those impressive numbers and statistics

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4,48 bn email users

Will exist worldwide in 2024.

760% revenue increase

Can be reached with segmented campaigns.

4200% ROI

Total success!

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Email Marketing Research

59% of marketers see the most ROI from email*
Email Marketing Research

*Campaign Monitor: „2018 Email Marketing Industry Report”
**McKinsey: „Why marketers should keep sending your emails“
*** SalesCycle: “18 Essential Email Marketing Statistics: 2020 Edition
****Adestra: „How to Achieve Successful Email Marketing Engagement 2018

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Email Marketing has even more benefits

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Benefits of Email Marketing



Email Campaigns give you the chance to reach an ultra-specific audience with personalized campaigns.



Email marketing gives you a direct line to the email inboxes of your (potential) customers.



Newsletter not only give you enough space to fully present your message but it also provides you the full attention of your readers.



Mobile email marketing allow consumers to do their research and make their purchases in a matter of seconds.



The number of email users is far more than any other social media channel. Email marketing can be used to reach large audiences worldwide.



Email Marketing allows you to track open, click-through and conversion rates. Real-Time results make it easy to spot how a campaign can be optimized.


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